• Wasi Sabi

    Someone once said my work was wasi sabi. At the time I didn't know what that meant but being intrigued I found out. It is a mainly unwritten Japanese concept. In summary it is about the beauty of the ordinary, the beauty of impermanence and imperfection. Many of the images I take on my Ebony are format camera seem to fit this description - pictures of sheds, walls and structures affected by the elements. Once they may have been shiny new but the patina of age and weathering has left it's mark. Their history is there in all their scratches and scrapes and bumps.
  • Undergrowth Underfoot

    When it comes to making order out of the chaos of debris and undergrowth it can be challenging. Photography is probably the only part of my life where I try to achieve some level of order! A hint I find pleasing but too much tidiness feels overstuffed. These are a few from my rambles. The general view may be somewhat uninteresting but the smaller scale can sometimes deliver surprises and pleasures. Could be a metaphor for life.
  • Ode to Puddles

    Whilst in Iceland with a group photographing the fantastic waterfalls I opted to take turn my back on the falls and take photographs of...puddles! Part of my Mary Quite Contrary personality no doubt but also my love of the ordinary things that may go unnoticed, rather than the dramatic and more obvious. In this case, things only noticed when you step in them and wet your shoes. So Puddles became a theme for me - the beauty of puddles. I have since extended it to small pools or lakes. These photos are mainly the snaps I take on my wanderings - quick impressions of what I find.
  • Silk scarves

    "One should be a work of art or wear a work of art". Oscar Wilde. I have transposed a number of my images, or extracts from my images, onto silk chiffon for wearing as scarves. I have selected from my colour images those which I believe will make tactile and colourful textiles. The images stand in their own right - the photos were not taken with scarves in mind. The beauty of using photographs as designs is the myriad of subtle colours that can be found in a single image. It has taken me some time to find a printer that is able to transpose the subtlety of the photo into a beautiful silk fabric. Silk chiffon is a fine material which drapes beautifully. For my first edition the ones for sale are currently artists' proofs. An embossed certificate of authenticity is provided with each scarf. All scarves are produced exclusively for myself. It is my intention to provide limited numbers of each scarf. The scarves are all beautifully packaged in tissue and gift boxes. The scarves have all been digitally printed and the hems hand rolled in Great Britain. They should be dry cleaned only to preserve the colour and life of your scarf.